2020 Golf Fees

Golf fees before 2:00pm

Golf fees after 2:00pm

At their November meeting, the POA Board of Directors approved the 2020 golf operations budget which included approval of next year’s fees. There are several key changes from previous years and also some additional affordable opportunities to enjoy golf in 2020.
Change in Prepaid Deposit Policy
In 2020 prepaid deposits can be made at any time throughout the year with a minimum deposit amount of $500.00 (per deposit). As long as you have a sufficient balance in your account you will receive a 5 % discount off normal daily rates.
Best Value Options for 2020
For those of you that play regularly, our new and reduced cost unlimited plans may be the best option. If you enjoy playing golf in the afternoon, our new “After 2 p.m.” unlimited plan is just $515 for the whole year – and it includes cart fees!
If you play more than once a week and also enjoy practicing on the range, our Individual and Family unlimited plans are just $2,100 and $3,100. Both of these plans include unlimited green fees and unlimited use of the practice range. The breakeven point for an individual is just 81 rounds and for a family only 119 rounds.
2020 Golf Rates
Effective January 2, 2020 daily member green fees will increase by $.95 and cart fees stayed the same. Please see below for a schedule of golf fees:
Daily Member Green Fee:                               $27.25
Unlimited Member Greens Fees (Individual):  $2,100 (includes individual annual range)
Unlimited Member Green Fees (Family):         $3,100 (includes family annual range)
*Unlimited plans include a monthly 1-point reduction in Chelsea points, which significantly improves tee time placement priority.
Daily Member Cart Fee:                           $14.50
Daily Member Private Cart Fee:               $11.25
Guest of Member Green Fee:                 $48.00 (includes required cart fee)
Rack Rate Guest Fee:                              $59.00Range Fee:                                             $5.00 per bucket
Annual Range Plan (Individual):            $375
Annual Range Plan (Family):                 $500