Clubs & Equipment

Clubs & Equipment

The Tellico Village pro shops carry equipment and accessories from the best names in golf to take your game to the next level. While each pro shop has a limited supply of “stock” clubs, players are encouraged to get fit for custom clubs by one of our golf professionals.

Why Get Fit?

Getting clubs that fit your swing is far easier than getting a swing to fit your clubs. Just as a tailored suit or dress looks far better than off the rack, our golf professional staff will fit you for clubs that suit you. Contact the golf professional staff member for the manufacturer of your choice to get fit and to custom order:

Tellico Village Golf CallawyTellico Village Golf PingTellico Village Golf TaylorMadeTellico Village Golf Titleist

Adam Jacob (Toqua)            Michael Ledbetter (Tanasi)     Charles Roffers (Kahite)        Casey Flenniken

                                                  Jay Burgin (Kahite)                                                                       Lucas Forstrom (Toqua)
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