Tellico Village Property Owners Golf Leagues

Tellico Village has several leagues for golfers of all levels and abilities. Must be a Tellico Village resident to participate in any league. During the golf season, Ladies’ Leagues play on Tuesdays and Men’s Leagues play on Thursdays with the exception of the Lady 40-9ers league that plays on Thursdays as well.

Tellico Village Men’s Golf Association

Tellico Village Ladies’ Golf Association 18-Hole League

Tellico Village Ladies’ Golf Association 9-Hole League

New Villagers’ Golf

Lady 40-9ers – League Application 40-9ers League Info


Tellico Village Ladies Golf
TVLGA18 Member-Member Committee Debbie Long, Pam Wilkiel, Patti Miller, Mary Ann Kuhl, Mary Nowlin, and Meri Coles