Kahite Course Tour

Kahite Course Tour

  1. Par 5 Men’s HCP: 12; Ladies’ HCP: 6
    Black – 528        Blue – 504            White – 472        Orange – 401      Green – 401       Yellow – 376

The opening hole at Kahite is an immediate birdie opportunity for keen players. Most tee shots will have no problem carrying the cross bunker on the right. Beware, however, that this route could lead to the red penalty area that lies past the sand. The bunkers down the left of the fairway help to keep any quick hooks for right-handed players from traveling out-of-bounds. Long hitters will have the opportunity to go for the green in two. Both those going for the green and those laying up must avoid the cross bunker short of the green or else a birdie can turn to a bogey in a hurry.





  1. Par 4 Men’s HCP: 4; Ladies’ HCP: 10
    Black – 448        Blue – 393            White – 380        Orange – 321      Green – 321        Yellow – 233

The gentle start to the golf course is abruptly ended with a difficult three hole stretch beginning with the Par 4 second. An awkward tee shot awaits as a driver for long hitters will find a blind landing area that slopes hard from left-to-right toward the out-of-bounds stakes. Less than driver off the tee will leave a mid to long iron from a side hill lie to a green that lies well below the fairway. Short and left of the green is the safe bail-out area while long and right is dead.






  1. Par 3 Men’s HCP: 8; Ladies’ HCP: 2
    Black – 220        Blue – 193            White – 171        Orange – 171      Green – 150        Yellow – 146

This classic Redan template Par 3 is one of the signature holes at the Links at Kahite. The downhill tee shot often plays into the wind, forcing players to choose a long iron or even hybrid to reach the putting surface protected by a bunker in front. Any overly aggressive shots to a back left pin location could bound down the hill into the creek. Cautious shots will favor the front right fairway area. The green slopes significantly from back to front toward the creek.






  1. Par 4 Men’s HCP: 2; Ladies’ HCP: 2
    Black – 452        Blue – 408            White – 361        Orange – 329      Green – 329        Yellow – 297  

Completing the stretch of difficult holes in this corner of the property is the Par 4 fourth. Tee shots should favor the right side of the fairway as the right-to-left slope will take any ball down the left further down the hill into the left rough. Balls from the left rough then face an even more uphill second shot to a flat green protected by a bunker in front. Shots running up to the green on the ground will have to thread the needle between the front left bunker and drop off to the collection area on the right. Any shot landing on the left third of the green will funnel off of the green and below the putting surface.





  1. Par 3 Men’s HCP: 18; Ladies’ HCP: 18
    Black – 149         Blue – 120            White – 98       Orange – 98      Green – 88        Yellow – 67

Players are given relief as they head to the Par 3 fifth hole, the easiest on the golf course. With no bunkers on the hole, just a short iron or wedge approach shot up the hill awaits. The putting surface slopes significantly from back to front.






  1. Par 4 Men’s HCP: 14; Ladies’ HCP: 14
    Black – 327        Blue – 281           White – 274        Orange – 274      Green – 242        Yellow – 207

Another scoreable hole awaits at the drivable Par 4 sixth. Long hitters can take on the right cross bunker in front of the green. Any ball carrying the bunker will either find the putting surface or leave a simple chip to a small target green. Layups need just to avoid the sand and find the short grass sitting down in the valley.






  1. Par 4 Men’s HCP: 6; Ladies’ HCP: 12
    Black – 412        Blue – 379            White – 366        Orange – 299      Green – 299        Yellow – 244

The Par 4 seventh is a downhill tee shot followed by an uphill approach to the green. Many players choose less than driver off the tee as the downhill, valleyed slope tends to bring all balls to the same area. A short to mid iron shot requires accuracy to a small green.






  1. Par 3 Men’s HCP: 10; Ladies’ HCP: 16
    Black – 192        Blue – 175            White – 140        Orange – 140      Green – 113       Yellow – 107

The Par 3 eighth is a reverse Redan template design with a front bunker protecting the right side of the green. The tricky putting surface slopes from back-to-front.







  1. Par 6 Men’s HCP: 16; Ladies’ HCP: 4
    Black – 808        Blue – 721        White – 586        Orange – 535      Green – 535        Yellow – 487

Fun or gimmicky? You decide. There is no arguing that the Par 6 ninth hole is unique. The second longest golf hole in the United States is an easy birdie for long hitters that can keep it straight. It can be a half mile of hell for short hitters or those that get wayward.







  1. Par 4 Men’s HCP: 3; Ladies’ HCP: 7
    Black – 470        Blue – 444            White – 414        Orange – 377      Green – 377        Yellow – 319

The back nine opener is a long Par 4 with a blind, downhill tee shot straight at the Smoky Mountains. Balls favoring the right side of the fairway will find a generous speed slot leading to their longest drive of the day. Though bunkerless, short games will be tested for players missing the green with their approach.






  1. Par 5 Men’s HCP: 11; Ladies’ HCP: 9
    Black – 611        Blue – 545            White – 517        Orange – 446      Green – 446        Yellow – 405

Usually a true three-shot Par 5. Layups must avoid the cross bunker on the right side of the fairway around 100 yards out. The right half of the green slopes severely from back to front. The left half of the green over the bunker slopes severely from right to left.






  1. Par 3 Men’s HCP: 9; Ladies HCP: 11
    Black – 213        Blue – 193           White – 179        Orange – 155      Green – 155        Yellow – 141

Don’t let the course rating fool you, the Par 3 twelfth is considered by many members to be the hardest golf hole in Tellico Village. The uphill tee shot often plays into the wind with a long iron. Balls that land short will roll back down the hill some ways. Shots to the middle and back sections of the green have difficulty stopping and holding the putting surface.






  1. Par 4 Men’s HCP: 7; Ladies’ HCP: 5
    Black – 441        Blue – 403           White – 366        Orange – 334      Green – 334        Yellow – 244

Average length players can carry the fairway bunker down the right. The member secret here is that the right rough is often a better spot and easier to find than the fairway, leaving an open angle to access the green as well.






  1. Par 4 Men’s HCP: 5; Ladies’ HCP: 1
    Black – 424        Blue – 384            White – 371        Orange – 331      Green – 331        Yellow – 212

Wise players will take the route straight down the fairway with less than driver to leave a mid iron approach uphill to the green. The risky player will cut the corner of this dog-leg left with a driver. This route requires a little luck to avoid a smaller fairway bunker to the right or the massive fairway bunker to the left.






  1. Par 3 Men’s HCP: ; Ladies’ HCP: 4
    Black – 185        Blue – 161            White – 140       Orange – 140      Green – 117       Yellow – 109

This uphill Par 3 often plays with a right-to-left wind into a green that slopes from left-to-right. Don’t let your eyes lie to you or be distracted by the view of the Smoky Mountains, there is a deceptive amount of space between the front bunker and the start of the putting surface.






  1. Par 4 Men’s HCP: 17; Ladies’ HCP: 15
    Black – 343        Blue – 325            White – 306        Orange – 306      Green – 243        Yellow – 203

This short Par 4 is driveable for the longest hitters when the wind is down. Regardless, players should take driver as a layup faces more danger from the fairway bunkers. The small putting surface is a tricky one with a distinct crown in the middle.






  1. Par 4 Men’s HCP: 1; Ladies’ HCP: 3
    Black – 417        Blue – 403            White – 383        Orange – 332      Green – 332        Yellow – 255

The most difficult hole on the golf course according to the scorecard, the 17th is a strong uphill all-the-way Par 4. Tee shots left of the fairway will likely find the red penalty area and tee shots to the right may find the fairway bunker. Approach shots can only find the putting surface on the ground on the far right side of the green as the center and left are protected by a deep greenside bunker.






  1. Par 5 Men’s HCP: 13; Ladies’ HCP: 13
    Black – 530        Blue – 516            White – 499        Orange – 412      Green – 412        Yellow – 383

The Par 5 finishing hole is incredibly inviting off the tee. The massive fairway and playing corridor begs the player to take a huge swing with the driver. Long hitters can choose a line over one of the bunkers on the left or even at the fairway bunker on the right. Decent drives give way to a terrific risk/reward opportunity on the second shot. The left half of the green is very accessible through the air or on the ground. The right half of the green is protected by a deep drop in front and a very shallow putting surface. A great opportunity to end the day as a hero or a fool.