Senior Club Championship

Senior Club Championship

Senior Club Championship

Senior Club Championship

2023 Senior Club Championship


The 2023 Senior Club Championship will be held at the Links of Kahite on April 29th and Toqua Golf Club on April 30th. This is always one of our biggest golf events of the year and we look forward to hosting another great tournament!


The Men’s field will be flighted by age divisions outlined below:

Senior: Age 50 – 64 Tees: White/Orange

Super Senior: Age 65-74 Tees: White/Orange

Legends: Age 75-79 Tees: Orange/Green

Masters: Age 80+ Tees: Orange/Green

*Gross Winner in the Senior & Super Senior Flights must play the White Tees*
*Gross Winner in the Legends & Masters Flight must play from Orange Tees*

There will be one Ladies Division:
*Ladies may select either Green or Yellow Tees and the Gross winner must play from the Green Tees*

Pairing and tee times will be made by the golf professional staff. The entry fee is $20 per player excluding green and cart fee. Gross and Net prizes will be paid out in each division.

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