Smart Golf at Tellico Village- What’s a Pin Position?

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Smart Golf at Tellico Village- What’s a Pin Position?

At Tellico Village, we are fortunate to play on three immaculately maintained championship golf courses. We also enjoy golfing with friends and neighbors who are “smart” golfers….meaning that they generally exercise proper golf etiquette, are courteous and respectful, and have fun regardless of their skill level.

Director of Golf Operations, Jim West, is always ready to help us become even smarter golfers. Today’s lesson is to improve our golf vocabulary.

PIN- A thin piece of metal with a sharp point at one end and around head at the other. (“Pin” has nothing to do with golf.)

FLAGSTICK- The “flagstick” is a movable straight indicator, with or without bunting or other material attached, centered in the hole to show its position. It must be circular in cross-section. Padding or shock absorbent material hat might unduly influence the movement of the ball is prohibited. (Definition from the rules of golf.)

So, now you know! To be and to sound like a smart Tellico Village golfer, you must ask instead, “What’s the hole location?” or “Where is the flagstick?” Because…there are no pins in golf!

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