Trackman 4

Come out to the Toqua Pavilion this coming Wednesday, August 5th and see the latest in golf technology. From 9 am – 5 pm. Trackman 4 has come to Tellico Village bringing its dual radar capabilities in order to help you with your game and club fitting experience. This demonstration is free of charge, and a great opportunity to see what Trackman can do for your game.
In addition to its ability to measure everything related to your golf swing, it is also a simulator which will allow anyone to play golf courses we could only dream about playing. Have you ever wanted to play St Andrews? Trackman simulator can take you there to the windswept dunes, and the iconic road hole. Do you have what it takes to carry over the hotel? All these features and more will become available soon!
For now, come and test this new technology with us and see how fast your swing speed is, or how high you’re launching your driver. Hope to see you there!
Charles Roffers
Assistant Golf Professional
Tellico Village – Toqua
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