Forward Thinking is Good

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Forward Thinking is Good

At Tellico Village, forward thinking is good! Recently the USGA wrote a golf article about Forward Tees, and the feature photo used was from hole #4 of our very own -Toqua Golf Course . The photo was taken by USGA Agronomist Chris Hartwiger and was sent to every USGA member in the country.

See photo below…


We began our very own forward tee campaign about 10 years ago, before the USGA/PGA really started pushing it. Tellico Village Director of Golf Operations, Jim West, implemented this movement as a result of members requesting him to consider it. West believes that moving the tees forward just makes the game of golf more fun. The philosophy is good for beginner golfers as well as seasoned golfers, who may have lost their distance over the years. Tellico Village has 3 beautiful courses to choose from: Tanasi, Toqua, and The Links at Kahite. There are no mens tees, or women’s tees on our courses. We encourage our golfers to play from any tees that they like. Whatever makes the game more fun. Like anything that changes, there is always concern in the beginning. West recalls a very moving presentation from a very involved female golfer when the movement first began. A woman came forward and explained that due to aging and other factors, she might have to give up the game of golf that she so loved. Her teary testimonial left an impact on the entire community. She is now in her 80’s and still plays golf weekly, because of the ability to move the tees forward. Isn’t that what life is about? Living life to the fullest and happiest is what we strive to help you find here at Tellico Village. We listen to the needs and wants of our community, and we work with you to make these things happen. Kudos to Jim West and his fine staff for being on the forefront of “forward” thinking.

To read the article by USGA follow the link below:

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