Meet Carl Shaw

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Meet Carl Shaw

Carl Shaw was born and raised in Loudon, Tennessee. Carl has always called this area home and he has 8 other siblings. Carl, his brother Jackie who is the equipment technician at Public Works, and his other brother Paul have been tinkering with equipment their entire life. Carl and his brothers were first introduced to mechanics by their grandfather at a very young age and have never looked back.


Carl came to work in Tellico Village in 1995. He started his career in the Village at Tanasi when the doors first opened, and he plans to remain here until retirement. Carl has worked in other mechanic and technical fields through the years, from heavy equipment to small tools, welding, and fabrication. These different fields are what has led Carl to be the most well rounded and phenomenal Golf Course Equipment Technician I have ever had the opportunity to work with. Carl really loves the golf course life.  He says it’s the change of pace from day to day and all the different aspects of being on the golf course that keeps him going. Carl loves to take a ride around in the mornings with a hot cup of coffee and check mowers, quality of cut, and see how his work shows its results when the equipment is in use.


Carl has many strong points and to this day there is nothing I have asked Carl to do that he hasn’t been able to figure out and accomplish. Carl played a vital part in our shop renovation where we completed an 80’x12’ extension onto our existing building that provided an additional 960 square feet of secured enclosed storage for our equipment and spray rigs. Carl also constructed a 24’x36’ pole barn, adding another 864 square feet of covered storage for tractors and other larger pieces of equipment. By doing this project in house, we had enough money left over to fence in our back lot, which has been exposed and at risk of theft for 25 years. This project cost us approximately $31,000 in materials. Having Carl’s skills and the ability to complete this project in-house saved us $30,000 in labor.


He has made many items for our use on the golf course, from the small tool equipment baskets on our greens mowers to the new tailgate he recently completed for our 20-year-old Toro workman. Not only are these items cheaper than buying them from the manufacturer, they are also much stronger and equipped to last the rigors and beatings they can take during a typical season.


Carl has proved his skill repeatedly and it is easy to see when you look around our shop. He has kept some pieces of equipment going that other techs may have tossed in the scrap pile long ago. Carl is a huge asset to Tanasi Golf Maintenance and Tellico Village. He works well with others and is always willing to help wherever he is needed. I feel as though I can perform the job of all my employees except for Carl. His skills have developed over his entire life and someone with Carl’s work ethic and ingenuity are so rare. I look forward to having Carl as part of the Tellico Village Golf Team for many years to come.


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