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Tellico Pride

Tellico Village Golf has never been stronger. It all begins with three world class golf courses – Toqua Golf Club, Tanasi Golf Club, and The Links at Kahite. These courses each provide unique challenges sustaining some the best year-round playing conditions in the region. Our Golf Professional Staff and Golf Course Superintendents are dedicated to providing “World Class Golf at a Value”. It takes a total team effort between the golf staff, maintenance crew and you-the golfers. We could use your assistance in taking pride in your Tellico Village Golf Courses and being a part of the team through the following ways:

1. Golf Carts are a vital part of the golf experience, but they are also the most destructive item to a golf course. Rounds are at record levels, so the wear and tear on our courses from increased cart traffic is evident. It has never been more important to obey cart rules to protect areas of turf from excessive wear and traffic. The biggest area where we need your help with regards to carts is to get back to our standard of ‘only two (2) carts per foursomes or only one (1) cart per twosome’. This rule has been lax through the pandemic, but we will need to start enforcing as this is critical to the health and viability of our golf courses as well as our golf car fleets. An additional fee of $5 per 9-holes will be added for ‘solo’ cart utilization and is subject to availability.

2. Ball Marks – we have some of the best putting surfaces in the region where generally the only blemish is a ball mark. If your ball lands on the green it left a mark, so make sure you fix it in addition to any other you might find. Most importantly is to repair ball marks correctly where you pull the mark in towards the center repairing the damage. DO NOT pull up as an improperly repaired mark takes even longer to heal (see depiction below from the USGA).

3. Bunkers – before leaving a sand bunker, rake all holes and footprints smooth for the next group. Please leave the rake in the bunker as well to assist our golf maintenance team.

4. Fill divots with sand – please fill all divots that you make with sand to speed the recovery and help maintain a smooth playing surface.

5. Do not litter – let’s all work together keeping our courses clean of trash and debris. Please use trash receptacles for all trash. This includes cigarette or cigar butts. If you smoke, please dispose of them properly.

Thanks for all your help in making our courses some of the best around, where we can truly experience world class golf.

Tellico Village USGA Ball Mark Repair

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