Dynamic Duos the Heroes at LGA18 Member-Member

Tellico Village LGA18

Dynamic Duos the Heroes at LGA18 Member-Member

Tellico Village Ladies’ Golf Association Member-Member Tournament Crowns Newest Championship Pairs

This year’s theme of “Dynamic Duos” required some patience to get started as Monday’s first round was rained out. However, four teams persevered and found glory in winning their flights in Tuesday’s 18-hole net better ball tournament at Toqua. Here are the winners from the four flights:

 Lucy and Ethel Flight

  1. Kate Grady & Teresa Reed (-9)
  2. Barbara Ackerman & Julie Langlas (-7)
  3. Carol Gouty & Susan Miller (-5)
  4. Kathy Mary & Rosemary Overton (-5)

Laverne and Shirley Flight

  1. Karen Wiley & Robin Francisco (-7)
  2. Linda Brenner & Sandra Borders (-6)
  3. Pam Wilkiel & Tracy Zegarzewski (-5)
  4. June Lund & Meri Coles (-4)

Cagney & Lacey Flight

  1. Bonnie Porcello & Michelle Spicer (-10)
  2. Jean Clesen & Patty Prince (-8)
  3. Margaret Sonntag & Susan Kastner (-6)
  4. Debra London & Fran Thompson (-5)

Thelma and Louis Flight

  1. Carolyn Sherwood & Norma Toti (-11)
  2. Linda Romero-Mezza & Susan Heinzman (-5)
  3. Karen Mathot & Lorene Branz (-3)
  4. Barbara Hurst & Saundra Campbell (-3)

Closest to the Pin Winners on #3: Yellow Tee – June Lund; Green Tee – Linda Ballinger

A special thank you goes out to the LGA18 Member-Member Tournament Committee lead by its chair Patti Miller and included Debbie Long, Pam Wilkiel, Mary Ann Kuhl, Mary Nowlin, and Meri Coles. Without them this event would not have been possible and most definitely would not have been as fun.

Tellico Village Golf Ladies
The Member-Member Tournament Committee Pictured Left to Right: Debbie Long, Pam Wilkiel, Patti Miller, Mary Ann Kuhl, Mary Nowlin, Meri Coles
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